Gallery-Quality Canvas Prints

With our canvas “giclee” prints, you can display your photos like fine art!

Canvas prints are printed directly onto the canvas material. The resulting prints are then stretched and stapled onto a wood artists’ stretcher bar frame, available in three depths. For most common wall print sizes, we recommend a 1½" depth canvas wrap (Examples are pictured below).

Most of the images available from this website are suitable for canvas printing. However, we recommend that photos of lake reflections, or images that are highly detailed, be printed on aluminum or acrylic instead of canvas.

Flat Mount / Stretcher Bar Depths

Choose a flat-mounted fine art canvas print, or choose a canvas gallery wrap print in three stretcher bar depths.

Canvas giclee prints by Jerry Blank

Canvas Wrap Hanging Options

Canvas giclee prints by Jerry Blank

Canvas Prints in Float Frames

Float frames are available for most print sizes up to 24"x36". A canvas print ordered for a float frame will have a 1½" stretcher bar depth.
Standard art frames with a ¾" rabbet are available for prints larger than 24"x36". Prints created for a standard art frame will have a ¾" stretcher bar depth, to match the depth of the rabbet.
Please contact us to inquire about our large framed canvas prints.

Canvas giclee prints by Jerry Blank

Standard / Special Print Sizes

• Square Format:  From 16" square to 48" square

• Short (4:5) Rectangle:  16"x20", 20"x24", 24"x30", 30"x40", 40"x50", 48"x60"

• Long (2:3) Rectangle:  14"x21", 16"x24", 20"x30", 24"x36", 30"x45", 40"x60", 48"x72"

• Short (1:2) Panorama:  15"x30", 20"x40", 24"x48", 30"x60", 40"x80", 48"x96"

• Long Horizontal (1:3) Panorama:  12"x36", 16"x48", 20"x60", 24"x72", 32"x96"

Shipping Note: Prints over 40 inches must be crated and shipped via motor freight.

Ordering Canvas Prints:

To place a custom order, begin by browsing the Galleries and finding the ID number(s) for the canvas print images you would like us to create for you.

Next, click / tap here to contact us.