Premium Gallery-Quality Acrylic Prints

Top: Detail of edge bevel and polish on a ½" thick print.
Bottom: Closer detail of bevel on a 1" thick Acrylic Print.

Premium Acrylic Prints are available by custom order. Acrylic Prints are the product of choice for galleries and corporate interior designers. They are created using clear acrylic panels in your choice of ¼", ½", and 1" thicknesses.

After the image is fused to the panel, it has a luminous appearance unmatched by any other display media. The outer edges are carefully beveled and polished, then mounting cleats are installed on the back of the panel so it stands off from the wall about ½" inch, giving the print a contemporary “floating” appearance.

Detailed view of the available thicknesses for Acrylic Prints.

When we receive a custom order for an Acrylic Print, we visit with the client on the phone to confirm the desired thickness, height, and width of the panel.

We then send the images the client has chosen to our production facility. When they receive the image file, they send a hardcopy proof of the image back to us. After our client “signs off” on the proof, the production facility creates the Acrylic Print and ships it directly to the client.

The process normally takes a couple of weeks, but expedited production times and shipping methods are available at additional cost.

We treat each Acrylic Print order as a custom project, and the price for each project will therefore vary. But to give you an idea of what a typical project would cost, a 24" x 36" print created on a ½" acrylic panel currently runs about $1295.00 (price includes ground shipping to client).

To Custom-Order Acrylic Prints:

To place a custom order, begin by browsing the Galleries and finding the ID number(s) for the acrylic print images you would like us to create for you.

Next, click / tap here to contact us.

Standard / Special Acrylic Print Sizes

• Square Format:  16" square, 20" square, 24" square, 30" square, 36" square, 40" square, 48" square

• Short (3:4) Rectangle:  16"x20", 20"x24", 24"x30", 30"x40", 40"x50"

• Long (4:5) Rectangle:  16"x24", 20"x30", 24"x36", 30"x45", 40"x60"

• Short (1:2) Panorama:  24"x48", 36"x72", 40"x84", 48"x96"

• Long Horizontal (1:3) Panorama:  24"x72", 30"x84", 30"x96"

Shipping Note: Prints over 36 inches must be crated and shipped via motor freight.